Campaigning with the Belarus Free Theatre

Julia Farrington, Campaigns and Events at the Belarus Free TheatreBy Julia Farrington, Campaigns and Events at the Belarus Free Theatre

In BFT we aim to break down the line drawn between theatre and campaigning.

The story of injustice that inspires BFT to create a play is often the same story that lies behind a campaign to redress that injustice. Theatre animates our campaigns and campaigns inform our theatre. As we tour our plays, we connect with local campaigners working on the same issues and so the numbers of people supporting the campaign grow.

We create powerful theatre about injustice, and tell the stories of people who are tackling them.

By making theatre this way, we hope our plays inspire the audience to make the transition to a more active stance against injustice and violations of human rights.

This approach also shapes our education programme where we encourage people to think critically about their environment and how theatrical tools, draw vivid attention to what needs to be changed.

Currently we are running two specific campaigns which link to specific productions:

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