Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion


Tomorrow I Was Always a Lion, BFT’s first stage production with a British cast, performed entirely in English, is a thrilling theatrical investigation into the nature of psychosis and recovery based on the extraordinary memoir, A Road Back from Schizophrenia by Norwegian clinical psychologist Arnhild Lauveng. Lauveng describes herself as a “former schizophrenic”, and her book chronicles a ten-year period of illness and healing. This worldwide bestseller has roused controversy and debate since its publication in 2012 and raises many important questions about the nature of psychosis and recovery, as well as the cultural interpretation of illness. 

Created in collaboration with scientific advisors from some of Europe’s largest research centre alongside clinical practitioners, the production explores some of the deepest questions about mental health, stereotypes and stigma in BFT’s uniquely expressionistic theatrical style.

this is a searing evocation of cruel suffering, luminous with compassion”

The Times, 26 October 2016