Zone of Silence

7th April 2008

Zone of Silence is a modern Belarusian epic in three parts offering a panoramic view of everyday life under dictatorship. Inspired by a popular blog of the same name, Childhood Legends sees BFT’s permanent ensemble of actors share stories from their earliest years, each one a fragment of memory offering a unique insight into life lived under the shadow of authoritarianism. Diverse is a vibrant collective portrait of extraordinary Belarusians on the margins of society, from the self-proclaimed “Best Dancer in the Universe” to an armless guitar-playing former mafia member. The trilogy closes with Numbers, a forbidding cascade of statistics about the devastating dearth of freedoms and opportunities in Belarus today.

an electrifying theatrical experience, a unique combination of verbatim and vivid physical theatre, with a razor-sharp absurdist tone”

American Theatre Magazine, 1 December 2015