Free Artist

‘Free Artist’ is a theatre school for young people aged 14-17 from Belarus and Ukraine who have migrated to Warsaw, Poland.

Led by BFT’s actors and Studio Fortinbras instructors, 15 participants will devise a short performance over the course of six months, where they will have the opportunity to explore the roles of actor, director, playwright and set designer. The course will finish with the staging of an original performance, based on etudes created by the participants, in front an audience on the stage of the Z. Raszewski in Warsaw.

An important aspect of the school’s programme is a series of interactive trips to Warsaw’s museums, galleries and art studios guided by Polish, Belarusian and international curators, art historians and artists. Each lesson will be about a specific creator and the knowledge and inspiration that participants will gain during the tour will be used to inspire the creation of the theatrical etudes that will build towards a final performance.

The activities on the project are aimed at active social inclusion, inviting young people who have been displaced from their country of origin to meet new people, share their experiences, create and develop ideas.