BFT offers 2-10 week residencies that are a unique opportunities to work in-depth on devising an original performance or project and/or receiving training on all aspects of BFT’s work including arts activism, theatre production and performance, and citizen-led journalism. Activities will be supported by BFT’s Artistic Directors and members of our ensemble. We will work with you to develop the content and objectives for our collaboration. Sample BFT residency activities might include:

  • Short workshops in BFT’s method (3 hours, 2-3 times per week) Based on our Studio Fortinbras curriculum, BFT can offer classes in Documentary, Physical and Object Theatre, Choreography, Voice Work, Citizen Journalism and Art Activism & Campaigning throughout the residency.
  • Final performance with post-show discussion Working on a specific play or creating a devised piece based on the BFT method of études; includes group work and 1-2-1 sessions. The final performance would include a post-show discussion hosed by BFT actors and students/participants.
  • Take-action campaign Developing an artistic stunt that links the production with the real-world, present-day issues in the play, e.g. climate change, gender inequality, domestic abuse, LGBTQI rights. It can be individual or group-led, but the stunt happens in addition to the final show/presentation.