I can’t call myself an actress. I am in Belarus Free Theatre but also I do different things.

And I have performed in other theatres besides Belarus Free Theatre. What is the difference you ask? The difference is difference… both theatres have the right to exist. I chose Belarus Free Theatre and Belarus Free Theatre chose me.

I came to the company as a choreographer — my first day, it was an ordinary day. For me, the biggest challenge in Belarus Free Theatre is overcoming the actors unwillingness to move.

But when I teach in Fortinbras, I don’t demand, I try to interest the students.

What do I remember about the Soviet regime? Almost nothing! It was my childhood and it was fine.

The talks about the present regime and politics are pointless. I don’t deal with it, I just live. People are oppressed everywhere around the Earth.

Self-expression is not important to me. The most important thing for me is when I’m in the flow and free from myself.

Life without Belarus Free Theatre? There is no point in asking.