A Flower for Pina Bausch

A woman with a long red fabric wrapped around her waist arched back

20th December 2010

A Flower for Pina Bausch takes its inspiration from the words of its namesake, the incomparable artist who once said: “I’m not interested in how people move, I wonder what makes them tick”. 

In a theatrical meditation on the universal predicament of “missed opportunities” personal stories are excavated and rigorously interrogated by members of BFT’s permanent ensemble to illuminate lingering phantoms of the unfinished, the unacknowledged, the unsaid.

Seamlessly blending light and shade, humour and pathos, this is a lyrical and expressionistic performance that reaches to touch the broadest arc of the human experience.

The group’s relentless quest for freedom of expression reaches its sublimated heights with A Flower for Pina Bausch”

Time Out Hong Kong, 2011