A Part of the Rain

A man with a fedora, jumping

12th - 13th April 2019

Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for GodotA Part of the Rain smashes the fourth wall to riotous comic effect.

The production sees an ‘audience member’ (un)willingly forced on-stage while we wait for the ‘other actor’, who has been delayed, to arrive.

Childhood games, dance and philosophy punctuate the waiting game in this playful staging as the audience are kept nervously on their toes as the line between reality and unreality is repeatedly blurred.

“I laughed out loud, was taken aback, and enjoyed it so much I couldn’t NOT take part. I found myself actively responding and empathising, immersed and completely switched off from the outside, engrossed in the action…. I felt cohesion and goodwill”

Audience member, 2019