Burning Doors

Four performers pulling and pushing eachother

23rd August 2016

Burning Doors is powerful theatre in solidarity with those who refuse to be silenced. Shining a light on the total suppression of artistic freedoms just a three-hour flight from London, the production illuminates the role of contemporary artists in dictatorial societies and examines what happens to people when they are declared enemies of the state simply for making art.

Through the lens of three artists – Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina, Russian Actionist and political artist, Petr Pavlensky, and incarcerated Ukrainian film-maker, Oleg Sentsov – and drawing on their own experience as political refugees, BFT explore the psychological impact of imprisonment, exile and forced migration, casting their gaze towards the displacement of people due to political persecution and conflict arriving in Europe today.

“The astonishment of Burning Doors is its ability to translate political rage and impotence into an art of indirection that is often as complex as it is powerful” 

The New York Times, 17 October 2017