Central Store

Several people standing by a table some interacting with each other and some gazing in the front

25th May 2016


Central Store is a theatrical production created by members of BFT’s theatre laboratory, Fortinbras, the only independent arts school in Belarus.

Centrale is landmark in modern-day Minsk – a well-loved food emporium with a popular coffee shop. Threatened with closure by the authorities, Fortinbras students decided to go and speak to its regulars – initially for a documentary film that was later adapted for the stage – to capture a unique and soon-to-be-forgotten snapshot in time.

Coffee and alcohol combine to potent effect as the clientele, who include members of the elite, speak candidly about their deep-rooted fears and frustrations about Belarus today – in a revelatory work that explodes the edifice of polite high-society conversation.

“The guys created a strong and emotionally contrasting cocktail in Central Store. You drink it in one gulp, and a whirlwind of emotions is born in your head. The hangover aftertaste pleasantly tickles the sky with bubbles of sparkling stories”

Audience member, 5 March 2018