Déjà vu

A woman with a heavy makeup eating a tomato

18th - 19th February 2017

Déjà vu by contemporary Belarusian playwright Olga Prusak, winner of the VII International Contest of Contemporary Drama originated by BFT, tells the story of Katya, a woman who transforms her parochial life with the help of a little stardust.

To the outside observer, Katya has a good life: she has a job, she is intelligent, kind, and physically healthy – but in her heart she yearns for more. By injecting unbridled imagination into the everyday Déjà vu is a vigorous reminder of the magic of theatre and its power to transform our perceptions as well as our realities.

“Great job, Yana Rusakevich! Belarus Free Theatre it’s always hard, hot, and socially to the point – for the soul”

Audience member, 2017