DerMagenFinDelMöön – Stories by Kharms

Two people in a room holding each other

28th June 2018 - 29th June 2019

DerMagenFinDelMöön – Stories by Kharms is a theatrical staging of 15 short stories by the early Soviet-era’s leading avant-gardist and absurdist writer, Daniil Kharms, in a directorial debut from one of BFT’s most senior ensemble members, Pavel Horodnitski.

Kharms’ writing is as prescient today as it was last century, illuminating the hair’s breadth between absurdity and tragedy in a raft of unforgettable tales of irrational bureaucracy, farcical miscommunication, romantic love and human loss.

“I fell in love with all the characters – so lively, funny and beautiful – great acting! I lost sense of time and space…. Absurd is a way of perception, and since the play I’ve found myself looking at things differently and it’s helped me navigate some difficult work situations. Thank you!”

Audience member, 2018