Dogs Of Europe

2nd - 6th March 2023

Dogs of Europe is a visceral, psychological drama set in the near future, depicting a dystopian super-state in which individual rights have given way to control.

Based on the novel by Alhierd Bacharevic, Dogs of Europe is widely considered one of the most important literary works ever published in Belarus offering a powerful warning of the corrupting influences of dictatorship.

Adapted for the stage by Belarus Free Theatre, the production reveals how authoritarianism is contagious – how it penetrates all aspects of daily life as oppression isn’t just meted out by a national figurehead but by everyone across all walks of society.

“What was most palpable was the exhilaration people felt in seeing this book, which intertwines the country’s history, present and future, brought vividly to life, in a production staged with a characteristic combination of intense physicality and striking visual imagery – most notably a sequence in which books burst into flame, words burning”

The Guardian, 21 April 2020