Earth No. 2

A performer with a straw cap is holding several items made out of straw. He is talking with a microphone made out of straw as well.

25th December 2014

Earth No. 2 is a staging of three plays by Maxim Dosko, the contemporary Belarusian artist and playwright who won the VII International Contest of Contemporary Drama, a competition originated by BFT.

Titanium tells of an amateur astronomer, a freelance employee of the Academy of Science in Belarus, who is planning to film a message for future generations about the most vivid experience of his life.

Compassion focuses on a day in the life of Lesha, set on a day that goes from bad to worse. As tensions and aggressions reach boiling point, Lesha hears a song about a cat and resolves that he now “probably understands everything”. We leave him heading to bed with the hope that he will wake up tomorrow as new person.

London follows a Belarusian man trying to make the UK capital his new home in a moving examination of homesickness and the challenges of integrating into a different culture.

“There are no sharp judgments and assessments in the show “Earth No. 2”, and this distinguishes it from other performances of the Belarus Free Theater about Belarusian everyday life. Maxim Dosko and Vladimir Shcherban together with the actors try to find the truth just in this space “between”, at the same time alienating themselves from reality and feeling their direct involvement in it. This allows you to create the feeling of a performance – a spaceship that went into unknown space in search of an earthly man”

Tania Arcimovich (theatre critic), 4 February 2015