Eurepica. Challenge.

Close up of a performer holding a microphone and smiling.

28th February 2009

Welcoming aboard Eurepica Airlines! Join us for an unsettling tour of a continent you thought you knew. Eurepica. Challenge. unites 12 playlets penned by writers from across Europe and the US in a dramatic exploration on the themes of tyranny and brutality.

High Words from BFT’s co-founding Artistic Director Nicolai Khalezin dramatises a meeting between an interrogator and a dissident student – represented by a watermelon – in an unforgettably visceral monologue.

“Vladimir Shcherban’s fine staging deftly masters the contrasts between the plays, and the shifts in tone within them, using shiny new luggage as the only props and a giant screen from which huge faces, sometimes only the mouths, smile on us or threaten”

The Times, 22 July 2011