House No. 5

Two performers lying on the floor. One of which is on a wheelchair.

16th July 2017

House No. 5 is a co-creation between BFT and members of the Company’s theatre laboratory, Fortinbras, the only independent arts school in Belarus, which was founded by Nicolai Khalezin in 2007.

Set in modern-day Minsk, House No. 5 transforms real-life testimonials into an evocative theatrical portrait of the everyday experiences of disabled people, performed by a cast of Fortinbras students and disabled non-professional actors. The production confronts the daily reality of exclusion and “otherness” to expose deep-rooted stereotypes and prejudices that deny true equality of opportunity to disabled people.

“moving and mordant stories about sexuality, society and living with disability in Belarus, and pulsating wheelchair choreography. At the end, over riotous applause from the audience tightly backed on benches and cushions, the company beckons us to get up and dance. So we do”

The Arts Desk, 26 February 2018