King Stakh’s Wild Hunt

14th - 16th September 2023

A thrilling gothic noir from one of the world’s bravest theatre companies based on the celebrated novel. Featuring acclaimed actors, opera singers and musicians from Belarus and Ukraine.

King Stakh’s Wild Hunt is one of Uladzimir Karatkievich’s most popular novels. Inspired by Eastern European folklore, it follows the ghostly hunt to free a young heiress from an evil curse.

Directed by Belarus Free Theatre’s co-founding Artistic Directors, Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada, this thrilling gothic noir unites actors, opera singers and musicians from Ukraine and Belarus, many of them political refugees from war or dictatorship.

This world premiere features a transporting score by composer, Olga Podgaiskaya, conducted by Vitali Alekseenok, with the lead roles performed by Ukrainia baritone, Andrei Bondarenko and Ukrainian soprano, Tamara Kalinkina.

King Stakh’s Wild Hunt interlaces opera, theatre, multimedia and live music to tell a story rooted in the history of Belarus with blazing contemporary relevance for Europe today.

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