Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows

Close up to the back of a bald performer. They have their nails painted in red and are holding up a mirror and looking at their face.

6th May 2013

Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows is a theatrical homage to the eponymous trans* teacher who took their own life in the wake of relentless vilification by the UK’s tabloid press. From frenzied fetishisation to life-threatening demonisastion the production goes on to explore different aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation through the stories – past and present, both real and imagined – of LGBTQI people across the world.

activist theatre gone right. Belarus Free Theatre combine urgency and innovative production design in a play that is both a thing of beauty and a convincing argument that issues of gender and sexuality deserve our continued attention”

The Skinny, 2 September 2014