Nearest and Dearest

Close up and blurry image of the hands of a performer knelt on the floor. The performer's hands are together and little pieces of paper are lined up in one line next to a jar

21st December 2012

Nearest and Dearest is a theatrical staging of a collection of short stories by contemporary Belarusian playwright, Konstantin Steshik. Steshik received the Special Prize in the First International Contest of Contemporary Drama in 2005 – a competition originated by Belarus Free Theatre – for his play Red Hood.

Nearest and Dearest is a vividly retelling of intimate childhood memories as the veil of nostalgia is lifted to reveal hard truths about the profound emotional void between ourselves and those closest to us.

“It’s great when you go after a show and in your head there are so many thoughts, impressions and emotions….such fermentation. This is a very pleasant feeling, bordered by happiness. You know, that intermediate moment, you are no longer in the audience, but you would still be there. Thank you guys for this, you are very, very cool!”

Audience member, 18 December 2016