Price of Money

Several performers are in suits and dresses, holding up one performer who has his arms spread out. The ones holding him up is holding pieces of white paper either on their hands or their mouths.

16th December 2014

Money makes the world go ‘round. Maybe you have it, maybe you don’t – either way its grasp is as inescapable as is its power to determine our lives, thoughts and actions.

Inspired by Aristophanes’ Plutus, the first political satire from ancient Athens; Ben Johnson’s The Staple of News on the emerging ethics of capitalism; and Time for Outrage, the inspirational text by nonagenarian writer/diplomat Stéphane Hessel which became the manifesto for the Occupy movement, Price of Money is a blistering attack on capitalism and greed.

“a scathing satire of economic inequality and shameless excess”

American Theatre Magazine, 1 December 2015