Reykjavik ’74

In a dark blue lighted room, four performers are smiling and hugging each other except for one.

11th - 12th January 2019

Reykjavik ’74 by contemporary Polish playwright Marta Sakolowska, directed by Yura Divakov, tells of lives destroyed by the criminal justice system. This is not just a story of justice gone wrong, of false conviction and imprisonment, but of people brutalised by a system that is the antithesis of everything it should stand for.

Drawn directly from real-life cases, the production offers an unflinching expose of people aggressively interrogated, tortured and ultimately, killed – each one an innocent victim of a wholly corrupted system.

“Reykjavik ’74 looks at the predictability of society and humankind, the nature of abuse, and the repetition of social injustice. It presents a sober acceptance of reality and ourselves within it, highlighting our personal opportunity to break the vicious circle of hopeless life. The theatre form chosen by the director Yura Divakov is close to my identity as a feminine gender-non-binary person, and to my personal experience of experiencing and suppressing violence”

Makeout Magazine, 5 March 2020