A person in a black garment is holding up another performer in a black garment covered with tattoo on the left arm and the left side of the head.

14th February 2014

Seagull is a contemporary dance work from BFT’s choreographer and senior ensemble member, Mariya Sazonova.

In this non-verbal deconstruction of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, Sazonova realises an intensely original take on one of the great text-based masterworks of the theatrical canon.

Sazonova’s choreography places primal turmoil above order and perfection, as the limits of the human body are continually confronted. The result is a liberation of the timeless themes of The Seagull in a blazingly expressionistic and visceral performance.

“In Chekhov’s “Seagull” only Treplev shot himself out of desperation. In the new Belarusian “Seagull” all the figures stuck two fingers in the throat. “They raped Chekhov,” the girl Alesia was indignant. Yes, it is unlikely that Chekhov thought he would be put that way. But it sounds off the stage again and again, and is relevant again. So much so that someone wants to ban it.”

Charter 97, 18 February 2014