The Master Had a Talking Sparrow

The room is filled with people who are hugging each other, talking and drinking.

19th - 30th April 2017

The Master Had a Talking Sparrow is an immersive theatrical experience centred around a dystopian family dinner. The evening begins with superficial pleasantries and innocuous observations as the diners share their memories and experiences of the twentieth century, before rapidly descending into revelations of dark and long-hidden truths.

Inspired by Zmitser Bartosik’s book of the same name, the production blasts through rose-tinted nostalgia to point the finger squarely at the icons and demigods who brought Belarus and its people to their knees.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, The Master Had a Talking Sparrow was crowned as the Number One show in Belarus in 2017, as critic Evgeniy Bachischev, attests: “For the first time, I understand that I am faced with something that is not only important but also new. In reality this is the production that will become the legend”.

It’s a stunning inversion of the historical narratives Belarus holds dear: the nation’s historic icons are made responsible for its greatest suffering”

The Times Literary Supplement, 27 July 2017