26th - 27th January 2019

Welfare is the first play from Mariya Bialkovich, directed by Yulia Shevchuk, both long-standing BFT ensemble members. Inspired by Bialkovich’s own neighbourhood ‘group chat’, the play tells of an extraordinary day in the life of an ‘angry neighbour’ who is obsessed with finding fault with those who live around her – from raucous drunken night-time revelry to endless noisy building work, cigarette smoke and barking dogs.

One day the ‘angry neighbour’ is forced to put down her phone and interact with her neighbours in ‘real life’. A quick trip to the shops yields a series of exasperating and increasingly absurd encounters: first a policeman, then a nun, an old man, a child and finally… God?

The questions she must confront in the end: who is making whose life a misery, and perhaps more importantly, why are we all so angry?

“a genius stream of consciousness”

Audience member, 2019