Letters from Lukashenko’s Prisoners

Following a highly disputed election, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenka claimed victory in August 2020. Protests erupted and a vicious crackdown ensued. One year since the election, there are more than 600 political prisoners in Belarus. Letters from Lukashenka’s Prisoners gives unjustly detained individuals a voice by collecting, translating, and publishing letters on our channels. This campaign is a collaborative project by Belarus Free Theatre in partnership with Index on Censorship and Human Rights House Foundation, in association with Politzek.me.

Suppression of letters from political prisoners in Belarus is commonplace, denying family members and loved ones the chance to hear vital news. This increases with the prominence of a prisoner as a way of putting pressure on them. BFT, Index, HRHF and Politzek.me aim to amplify the voices of political prisoners. Together, we will be releasing letters on a regular basis and we invite you to follow this campaign.