Postchildhood. Postescape

13th - 14th May 2023

Postchildhood is our new performance about the life and problems of Belarusian and Ukrainian refugee teenagers. Performed not by professional actors, but students of our theatre school Free Artist in Warsaw.

Directed by Pavel Haradnicki, Yulia Shevchuk, Nicolai Khalezin and Svetlana Sugako.

The show has original plot, which was created during classes and rehearsals, and fully consists of personal stories of the students.

Some of these young people are refugees twice. At first, because of unprecedented repressions in Belarus, and then because of the russian war against Ukraine, where their parents have found the first shelter after fleeing Belarus.

Despite those two big catastrophes – the dictatorship and the war, – the performance is mainly about their relationships with parents. It became a place to speak about the most intimate and horrifying personal things, rather than just refugee problems.